Betz Holding
Our corporate philosophy
Production partners

Cooperation with our suppliers in the spirit of a partnership
is a precondition to secure the agreed quality level, to respond flexibly to customer needs and to achieve the company's declared goal to continually improve our products and services.

  • Accordingly, we strive to achieve a long-term partnership with our production partners. This is the only way to permit a fair and trusting basis in the spirit of a partnership.

  • Investments, innovation, targets and standards are drafted and defined mutually.

Staff, people and the environment

A highly-motivated body of staff is the mainstay of our family firm. The strength of our team emerges from the strength and reliability of each individual.

Our employees know their responsibilities and duties. They are monitored regularly (internal audits). We are aware that the employees must bring a QM system to life. This is why it cannot be any kind of rigid system. We are intent on seeking its verification and ongoing development on the basis of progress in the fields of science and technology.

  • We are aware of our social responsibility. This is why fostering and training our staff has such significance within our company.

  • The well-being and health of our fellow human beings determine our thoughts and actions.

  • We are dedicated to a working environment that complies with national and international legislation.

Ecological and social responsibility is an integral element of our actions. By acting sustainably, we strive to ensure that our products influence the environment as little as possible.

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